Deposit practices

by Administration

We have a congregation of 75, we have three offering counters, all money is recorded on Sunday and placed in the safe for deposit on Monday. The person who comes in on Monday, who is one of the counters, retrieves the money and recounts all money by themself and then takes to bank. There hasn't been large discrepancies in the deposits, are we allowing an illegal practice to go on, or am I being perinoid?

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Should be two...
by: Danielle

There is no need for the person who takes it to the bank to do a recount. The count that is completed on Sunday morning with 2+ people should be what stands with documentation.

There should always be more than one person counting and recording (we make up little sheets that total $ to each fund and are signed off by the counters).

That money then gets deposited and the deposit slip should match what was counted the day before.

My financial secretary always mails me the deposit ticket and I staple it to the counter sheet as proof that the numbers match.

I would not automatically go with the number that suddenly changed when one person counted on their own.

Deposit practices
by: Lewis in NC

If it is not broken, then do not fix it.

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