Daughter Full Time Minister Living with Parents

by Charlie
(Panama City, FL )

My daughter is single and still living at home. She has become a full-time kids pastor.

If she lives at home can the parents charge her rent and it be claimed by her as housing expense for housing allowance? OR what can she claim as housing?

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May 08, 2017
Is she ordained?
by: Bill OConnell

As you see elsewhere in this website, such payments if actually made could be treated as HA, but there is a big IF that is not contained in your question. tThe answer to your question is yes - only IF she is licensed, commissioned or ordained.

HA can only be claimed from "Ministerial Income" which according to the IRS and the tax courts requires proper credentials. A lay individual running a church's youth program does not qualify.

A better choice is to make her compensation fully tax free if possible. See "Pay your Pastor Correctly" in the blog of Wisdomoverwealth.com.

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