Contributions designated to "Payroll" but given to Pastor

by Sandy

A church I attended (and was on staff) would accept, biweekly, a "tithe check" that was designated for "Payroll."

One would think it would be divided among the staff. However, the Pastor alone receives a check for the entire amount that same week.

The contributor is the pastor's daughter. I don't understand how this could be legal.

She receives contribution statements at the end of the year with these amounts on them.

Whether he includes the amounts as income, I don't know, because his accountant that does his taxes issues his 1099....not the church.

I welcome all comments, please.

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This is why people don't trust churches
by: Anonymous

This is not considered a charitable contribution. And who is allowing this to happen? Why send a contribution statement if they know the money is going to just the pastor?

Reply to Payroll
by: Anonymous

First and foremost a pastor should not be getting a 1099. He/she should be issued a W-2 even though no social security or medicare tax is withheld.

If the church were audited by an outside source or IRS this would be a red flag. It could clearly be traced that the daughter is giving her father money and she wants a tax deduction for it. I would kindly tell the administrator or bookkeeper to read the publication on donations.

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