Church Budget

by Victoria

Do you have to list the pay amount for each employee on the church budget report that's handed out to members during quarterly Financial meeting? Can that information be omitted?

Vickey's Reply

Yes you can. It can be combined into one line item such as salaries and not listed individually.

If there is only one salary, the decision to omit the salary would need to be made by your church’s governing body.

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Reporting of Church Employees' salary
by: BJ Sharpe

I most commend you for your website. It is imformative indeed.

I am a newly apointed member of my church leadership's committee. and we were given the proposed budget for FY2015 which starts in May.
This budget prepared for the leadership only, has the pastor and staffs annual salary.

My question is: Is it wrong to divulge such private information?

Reporting of Church Employee Salaries
by: Marcus in Texas

During the coming week I will be having my first bi-monthly business meeting since being elected church treasurer and the information I will share with church members will be a summary of year-to-date revenues, expenditures, and balances, and I will also provide them with a separate one-page report of monthly revenues for the last three fiscal years and for the first two months of 2010. When the members were asked to vote on the 2010 operating budget, they were provided information on employee salaries and salary increases, if any. I will be prepared to answer any questions members may have on salaries, but will not routinely provide them with employee salary information at the bi-monthly business meetings.

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