Can you do Fund Accounting in Quickbooks Pro?

by Jackie
(Kenai, AK )

I am using Quickbooks Pro 2011. I do not have the one for non-profits. My question is can I set up fund accounting in Quickbooks Pro? If so, can someone give me the general idea as to how?

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fund accounting
by: Ellen

this sounds helpful to me, I need more help. We have had separate accounts now have one account, but still need to track different funds. I have quickbooks pro 2010. Can I make this work now? or would I have to open a new company. I have quite a few sub accounts.

Fund Accounting in QuickBooks
by: Vickey

I think the easiest way is to use class tracking.

To set up QuickBooks for class tracking...

Go to Edit, Preferences, on left side of window--click Accounting--click Company tab.

Click little boxes next to “use class tracking” and “prompt to assign classes”.

Now go to List, Class List--in little window--click on classes and then New.

Set up your classes. Some people set up 3 classes: Unrestricted, Temporary Restricted, and Permanently Restricted. Then set up individual funds as subclasses under one of the 3 classes.

Others just set it up for regular fund accounting and set up classes such as: General, Missions, Building, Youth, Etc.

Whenever you enter a transaction you will be need to assign a class to it.

Then you can run a Profit and Loss by Class Report which will detail your income and expenses by fund.

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