Can I choose between w-2 or 1099

by Ryan

I am a youth pastor in Missouri and our church is switching from the "self employed 1099" stuff to w-2. I have debating whether or not to be ordained with all the housing allowances and what-not. I decided that I would rather just receive the w-2 without a housing allowance and go back to how a normal job would take out my taxes so I am not dealing with the tax nightmare anymore. Anyhow, I would still like to be licensed to be able to do weddings and all my question is; can I choose whether or not I want a w-2 or a 1099 even though I become licensed or do I have to list myself as 1099? I would like to be a w-2 with no perks of housing or anything and still be able to do weddings. I don't mind not get the allowances just as long as I don't owe at the end of the year and the IRS is happy.....then so am I. What do you think?


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You are W2 eligible
by: Pete

You should have been on the payroll from the beginning with federal income taxes taken out. Not fica if you are ordained. If ordained you would put that in your end of year tax return and pay the ss and medicare both employee and employer portion. Half would be a deduction to you.

Also the IRS has certain criteria related to the definition of a pastor. Weddings being only one of 8 or 9 categories. To be safe I would consider you just an employee in which case they should take out both federal income taxes and ss and medicare from your paycheck.

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