Can a minister receive both a parsonage/church paid utilities AND designate a housing allowance at the same time?

Can a minister receive both a parsonage/church paid utilities AND have the board designate an additional housing allowance? Therefore in addition to the pasonages fair market value/utility value, housing costs paid for by the minister, up to the designated cash allowance, can be deducted from income before being taxed.

When stating that it needs to be designated before it’s paid out does this mean designated before the wage is paid to the minister or designated before the items are purchased?

This is in the case of a new minister beginning in a church and having to buy furniture and such up front upon moving, but not yet being able to meet with the board to designate the additional housing allowance.

There are still a few months left to the year with wages to be paid out-can the remainder of those wages be designated as housing allowance for the remainder of the year, accounting for the costs that had previously been accounted for BEFORE the designation, but in the same year.

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