Box 14 Housing Allowance

by Terri

Thank you so much for being there for many small church office secretaries and support staff. This is our situation. We had an assoc. pastor leave part way through last year and he had a housing allowance designated by the church.

Should I list the full amount allowed by the church for the year in Box 14?

I am being asked by him to send a corrected W-2 with the amount he says he has actually used and not to have the annual amount listed.

I do not want to create an undue burden on him.

I was thinking box 14 was optional...just an informational box. What should I do? Should I list the annual amount or his ytd figure? Thank you for your time!

vickey's reply

You will need to correct it. You would only include how much was actually paid out year-to-date as a housing allowance in box 14 on a W-2.

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