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When is a donation from a benevolence fund taxable to the individual recipient?

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Funds categories
by: Anonymous

If the pastor brings a check for his Christian association and it is made out to the church but he says it is for him. How do you categorize and does he have to give him 1099 for it?

Benevolence Payments not Taxable
by: Vickey

If it is a proper benevolence does not matter if paid directly to the individual or business such as a landlord, utility company, or funeral home... it is still not taxable income to that person.

See IRS Pub 3833.

by: Anonymous

Im no expert but if you send the funds direct to a landlord or funeral home i think you DO need to send a 1099 to THEM . Might be wrong.

Thank you!
by: Bryan

Thank you so much for the quick response. I was not expecting that anyone monitored this site anymore since it had been so long since someone posted. You have warmed and filled my heart and given me hope today in this situation even as not many churches are meeting across our land.

Answer to Benevolent Donation to Help with Rent Question
by: Vickey

Dear Bryan from Phoenix,

No, the benevolence payment for the needy individuals rent is not taxable income to them.

I strongly recommend that you have a benevolence policy in place and that you document and back up the tax free benevolence payment to that individual that shows their inability to pay their rent as shown on my benevolence guideline page:

Benevolent Donation to Help with Rent
by: Bryan from Phoenix

A poor church member can't pay his rent. He asked the church to help.

The church agreed and the church has never assisted him before. The amount is less than $1,000(if that even matters).

Does the church have to give some kind of tax paperwork indicating this is income to the member?

The member did no services in exchange for help and is not an employee of the church and has never received money from the church.

Is the individual required to include this small amount as income even though it went straight to his landlord?

Please help us answer this !
Thank you.

Benevolence Gifts to Individuals
by: MarcusNtexas

Not sure I understand the connection to the funeral home........

Benevolence Fund = $925.00
by: Sharon

So if a love offering (benevolence fund) was given to an church member=>$600 (instead of directly to the funeral home) then a 1099 is not necessary, correct?

Benevolence Gifts to Individuals
by: MarcusNtexas

Good question and I don't know the official answer; however, if the recipient performed no services in return for the "gift" then I would think that such gifts would not be taxable until they reached the annual gift limit shown in IRS regulations. Anything exceeding that annual limit could possibly be considered as taxable income to the recipient. In 2015 I believe that limit is $14,000........

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