Are W-2's required

by Jay
(Seattle, Wa)

Are we required to give our Pastor a w-2 FORM and is it his responsibilty to report it? What do we with our copies?
We are new to this and I'm not sure of what is required of us for filing purposes. (state / federal)

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Yes in addition to
by: Pete

You not only need to give your pastor a W2 his housing allowance should be identified on line 14 with the amount of the allowance.

In addition any love offerings or personal use of a church car and out of pocket medical costs paid by the church on his behalf are taxable and should be in addition to his salary on line 1.

The W2's explain which copy goes to him to send with his return, which one goes to the IRS along with the W3, which copy he should retain and which one goes to the state for his state return.

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