Applying for Social Security Disability.

Does housing allowance affect this? I am disabled and need to try to get SSI but I do get a housing allowance from our church, but not a salary. Will getting the allowance stop me from getting SSI?

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Social Security benefit
by: Anonymous

While I could not find out if HA affect SS benefits negatively, you should have been paying into it on your own taxes unless you received IRS exempt status. The church would not normally pay into SS as they are exempt....

to find out your benefits you can check out :

also see....
IRS Pub 517:
If you are a minister of a church, your earnings for the services you perform in your capacity as a minister are subject to SE tax, even if you perform these services as an employee of that church. However, you can request that the IRS grant you an exemption, as discussed under Exemption From Self-Employment (SE) Tax , later.

Election by Church To Exclude Their Employees From FICA Coverage;
Churches and qualified church-controlled organizations (church organizations) that are opposed for religious reasons to the payment of social security and Medicare taxes can elect to exclude their employees from FICA coverage. If your employer makes this election, it does not pay the employer's portion of the FICA taxes or withhold from your pay your portion of the FICA taxes. Instead, your wages are subject to SECA and you must pay SE tax on your wages if they exceed $108.28 during the tax year.

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