anniversary gift

by Sarah Williams
(Kinston NC USA)

Is it legal to give a pastor $12,000 from the church general funds?

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Anniversary Gift
by: Anonymous

I believe the IRS would see a big difference between giving a gift to your staff out of your General Fund and a Board approved special offering to receive a gift to be given to the Pastor.

$12000 anniversary gift
by: Anonymous in NC

It would be legal if your church governing board approves the gift and if it is reported as additional income on the pastor's w-2 form or 1099 form (whichever you report on)at the end of the tax year.

Pastor money
by: Anonymous

I just came from a IRS exempt org's workshop. They said that you should not give over the approved salary as it could be considered "private benefit or inurment" and you could loose your tax exempt status.
The logic they gave is that the organization has approved what they consider a resonable salary, donations from individules should be used to lower the amount given from the general fund NOT in addition to the approved amount.
Hope this helps.

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