A check of $50,000 as a pass through for tax exemption to the donor

A corporation which puts on musicals and plays and which is filing for but not as yet has tax exempt status, asked our church to be the recipient of a check for $50,000 to be passed through to the corporation for an emergency heating system repair. The donor wants to get a deduction on taxes by using the church's tax-exempt status.Can the church give the donor a receipt for the donation to the church, but not used by the church?

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Dec 04, 2014
pass through
by: Anonymous

I would say no, it doesn't sound like they support your mission or that the church has complete control of donation....
Be safe and call or email the EO people



Dec 04, 2014
Pass through for tax exemption
by: MarcusNTexas

Easy answer.....absolutely NOT unless the church wishes to lose its own tax exempt status, plus take the chance that the church's treasurer and members of its finance committee could end up in prison.

Dec 04, 2014
I agree
by: vickey

I agree with the other 2 posters. It is definitely considered a "pass through" donation and with the amount being so large ... there are other factors that may come into play.

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