1040-es and 1040 at income tax filling season.

by Ruth Jackobsson
(Cleveland, OH)

My question comes based on this scenario:

Our pastor is working a secular job where he gets his W-2 every year with all taxes already taken out.

But at church he has to do estimated taxes for what he gets from church every quarter.

Also he is married and his wife gets her w2 with taxes already paid every year.

Now, when he will have to fill 1040-es quarterly does he fill only the church income only or he has to include all his income?

Also he has to fill it like jointly or single? All those considering at the tax season he and his spouse fills 1040 together as married jointly?

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1040-ES is for him as pastor
by: N.S.

If pastor has a W2 from his other job there he would do ES taxes for ministerial wages only.

Also if he start to be paid in 2017, be aware to estimate the full salary he is paid for the year without including his wife income on his 1040-es or other SE income from previous 1040 for 2016. That is only for guidance.

His 1040-es quarterly, w2 and his whole household income would be subject of income tax fillings next year in 2018, after Jan 31st.

Then, his whole income from church will appear on a separate W2 also..... If I am wrong someone else can correct me but till tax time next year his church salary is subject of 1040-ES quarterly.

1040-es is only for quarterly estimated taxes!!!
by: Anonymous

He only reports only for church income he gets as minister!

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