1040 ES Filling Instructions for Very Beginners

by Robert S.
(Flint, MI)

We are a small church that needs to know how to do the right things.

Seems that only experienced people like you could be helpful for some novices.

I'm wondering if anybody can post a basic example of 1040ES for ministers! I know this doesn't look smart for someone who ask it but many of us who start serving God have this foggy "how to" in order to avoid penalties or bigger troubles!

Sorry if I dare to much asking that but I suppose is as much important to know how to fill estimated taxes form, too...

Thank you a lot!

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Avoiding 1040ES
by: Bill OConnell

The answer to your desire is available to you.

You simply need to get more money to IRS by way of payroll withholding. You should calculate how much $ you need to have on deposit at IRS before Jan 2018, and instruct you employer(s) to set your FITW to deliver that sum to IRS.

This is to say you need to ignore the Married/Single nonsense on form W4. You can instruct your employer how much $ to withhold.

Call me if you need help with this. 617-921-9321.

W2 without filling 1040es?
by: Rick

See this topic here and wonder if a minister with a fixed salary (part-time at church) who has another job (non religious but gets there w2 as employee) can get only a w2 and avoid the pain of filling 1040es!

1040ES is the same for clergy and non-clergy
by: Bill OConnell

The IRS website IRS.GOV is full of helpful information including the instructions for 1040ES.

The difficult part is calculating the amounts to be paid. If this is the issue, a qualified CPA should be consulted to have a tax estimate prepared. Wisdom Over Wealth will prepare such an estimate. Please call us at 617-921-9321.

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