Worker's Comp Insurance

by KLJ
(Glasgow, KY)

Are churches required to carry a worker compensation policy?

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Worker's Compensation Insurance
by: MarcusNTexas

I would like to get an indication of how many smaller churches (annual budgets under $400,000 and fewer than 10 full-time and part-time employees)carry WCI on their employees. Our church has been increasing our Mission Work efforts to include help with disaster relief due to floods, tornadoes, fires, etc. and some staff are traveling to those areas and engaging in work such as carpentry, painting, refuse removal, etc. which could lead to injuries. We have been given a quote of about $2,000/year to get $500,000 in coverage. Just wondering what other's think of this. We are in Texas and WCI is not mandatory, but we may purchase it anyway.


Workers Comp
by: Pete

It depends on what state your in. The best thing to do is contact an insurance agent and they can give you the state requirements or get you in contact with someone who knows.

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