what tax forms do we need to file?

We are a small church(less than 50 members).We don't have any employees and we don't pay a pastor. Do we need to file any tax forms with the IRS?


No. With the information you have provided, I can not think of any form you would need to file.


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Forms we need to file.
by: Anonymous

We are a small church less than 30 members and we do pay our pastor and we give love offering to the cleaning crew, yard crew. Should we be filing any type of forms? and we are non-profit.

Question on what to file .
by: Anonymous

Good Morning,
We have a small church less than 40 members, we pay rent and plane fares and hotels for guest speakers can we recoup that and if so waht irs forms do we use.


Churches Are Exempt
by: Vickey

Churches are exempt from filing a 990 IRS form unless specifically required by the IRS to do so.
Some organizations that have filed Form 1023 are required to disclose this form.

The $25,000-annual-limit apples to tax-exempt organizations, not churches.

See this IRS page.

If you have more than a $1000 in unrelated business income (UBI), you may have to file a 990-T.

Tax Filing Requirements for Small Churches
by: Anonymous

I suggest you "Google" with the question "What tax forms must churches file?" Then click on "Filing Requirements - Exempt Organizations." This should take you to an IRS page. It appears from reading this page that if you pay no employees and if your gross receipts do not exceed $25K, then no filing is required; however, you may want to look into filing the Form 990-N. Also, you may want to go to the IRS.gov website and take a look at Publication 557.

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