Ways to reimburse buyers of supplies

by Gopal

I have been one of the main buyers for our temple for many years, and recently the bookkeeper has told me (and others) that, to protect us in the case of an IRS audit, she needs to write a check directly to the credit card company that I used instead of to me.

For the past month, I've tried to comply, but I'm very busy, and this complicates my life considerably. If I use more than 1 credit card, that's more than one check to track.

Personally, I NEVER send physical checks to my CC companies; I pay everything online, which is far easier to track, and from anywhere.

I'm just really struggling to wrap my head around the logic behind this. Is she correct? Does the IRS like it better when the bookkeeper pays another person's credit card, instead of reimbursing the person directly?

Will the IRS, or anyone else, care about this at all? It sounds like absurd paranoia to me in this day and age.

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