Way too expensive!

by Pat

I have used Quick Books for years for my church accounting. In the beginning it was wonderful. Not expensive and supported free for a year.

Now support is charged every year and every 2 years each product is completely disregarded and will not be supported anymore forcing you to buy a new expensive product!

We are a very small church and do not use any modules but general ledger, few reports, accts. payable, and payroll and taxes. We do not have receivables, credit cards, and inventory, etc.

We need to purchase support for payroll every year.

I realize we may need to pay for some unneeded modules. However this makes it so expensive for us, that I am looking for another accounting program for us.

Thanks for allowing me to vent!

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QB for Churches
by: Vickey

I totally agree, PattyLU! I got the same notice that the QBO Plus is increasing to $60 per month!

BUT churches do have the option of applying for an almost free QB account thru Techsoup:


BUT if you already have an account with Intuit for an existing QBO account ...you cannot transfer it and would have to start a brand new one with a different email =(

QuickBooks Pricing is Ridiculous!
by: PattyLU

I'm an external bookkeeper for churches and just received notice that the price for a number of my accounts is increasing to $645/yr. This is outrageous! Don't they want customers any longer? I'm seeking alternatives. QB should be boycott in my opinion. They're getting too big for their britches! (how about that for a rant Ha! Sorry :/ )

You Do Not Need QB Payroll Service
by: Anonymous

If you know exactly what taxes (Federal, state & local) you are required to pay and are able to get information about all those taxes off the Internet, then you can do your payroll manually, rather than using the QuickBooks payroll service. You will still set up your employees in the Employees Center, and you will still use the Pay Employees function to write their paychecks. The only difference is that you have to manually type in each paycheck deduction on each paycheck. (Not practical if you have a large payroll, but few churches have large payrolls.)

Go to www.irs.gov and type into the search box Publication 15. This publication is re-issued in January of each year, is downloadable as a pdf file, and will tell you exactly how much employer + employee Social Security & Medicare taxes must be paid, as well as exactly how to determine how much income tax to withhold. If your state or city charges taxes that must be entered on paychecks, you should be able to go online and get how-to information about those taxes also.

If you once were registered for QuickBooks payroll service and are now doing your paychecks manually, you may get some automated messages from QuickBooks telling you how important it is to renew your payroll service subscription. Just ignore those messages!

Also, check out posts elsewhere on this website about getting QuickBooks at very low cost through the organization called TechSoup.

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