Track Group activites and payments quarterly

by Helen

The church has five ministry groups that meets quarterly and need to turn in reports.

each ministry has 5 to twelve tribes that need to be submitted on one report,
ie: Group 1 - YWA Ministry- 5 Tribes of YWA: Benjamin, Juda, Joseph, Jacob, and Esau.

each tribe enroll with $10 and when the group come back together and offering is taken, the Pastor wants a report from each group to include their enrollments and the offering or any other monies received.

I do not know how to record this in QB to get the report he wants. can you help me out in any way

Group 2 - SWA Ministry - 12 Tribes of SWA: Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Moses, Caleb, Joshua, Noah, Benjamin, Arron, David, Solomon, Jacob

Group 3 -WIA Ministry - 8 Tribes

Group 4 - BH Ministry - 10 Tribes

Group 5 - Laymen Ministry -6 Tribes

I did not name all the tribes just wanted you to get more of the picture

went through all the software purchased from you but still having problems setting up COA, classes and items properly.

I can not find a non-profit or church sample QB sample that we can create the majority of reports we use

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