Timing of donation vs the donation receipt

by Michelle Hone
(Oklahoma City, OK )

Can I issue a donation receipt for a donation of non-cash items in 2019 when the donation will not be received until 2020?

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Sep 24, 2019
Donor Receipt Should State Date Received
by: Vickey

A cash or noncash donation receipt should state when the cash or noncash gift was received according to IRS Pub 1771.

That publication gives the following example:

"Thank you for your contribution of a used oak baby crib and matching dresser that
(organization’s name) received on March 15, 2015. No goods or services were provided in
exchange for your contribution."

So based on that example and other IRS documents, I believe you would have to indicated the date the noncash donation was received on the donor receipt and if not received until 2010...it could not be used for the 2019 tax year.

If anyone knows any different and can provide the IRS documentation to back it up ... please do so.

But I am thinking that it would work the same way pledges do. You can record a pledge in your accounting software; however, you can not issue a donation receipt until the cash is actually received. We all know people have the best intentions, but do not always follow thru.

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