Timecards and Salaried/Exempt employees

by Delores
(New Port Richey, FL USA)

Is it a common practice to have salaried employees fill out timecards and sign them. Our payroll clerk fills out a timecard sheet for all salaried employees to be used as backup for the pay check.

She only puts the pay period and person's name. The salaried employees refuse to sign the time card because they say it is not needed.

So0-0-0 should they at least sign the time card? The new Treasurer for the church feels that they should have to sign the card????

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Comments for Timecards and Salaried/Exempt employees

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by: Marcus in Texas

The only employees who prepare and sign time cards at our church are the nursery workers who are paid at an hourly rate for the actual number of hours worked each month. All other employees (pastor, youth minister, pastor's secretary, janitor, and yard man) are paid a flat salary per month and are not required to turn in time cards.

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