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We are a church with a 501-c and my question is about the tax exempt letter you take when you go shopping for the church.

We live in North Carolina (one of the highest tax states there is)and I was told that we pay the tax and file it at the end of the quarter.

Can you clarify this for me please.? What form is it that you use at the end of the quarter to file for your tax paid on items? Thanks very much


I am assuming each state has their own rules on handling tax exempt purchases.

Here is Oklahoma you have to fill out a APPLICATION FOR SALES TAX EXEMPTION form and if approved they send you a tax exempt letter. Then you just give your tax account ID to the retailer and they take off the taxes then.

You will probably need to contact your state’s tax agency to find out exactly what procedures you need to follow to receive a tax exemption on your church’s purchases.

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NC sales tax exempt
by: Anonymous

I found this:

hope it helps

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