Switching from Church Windows to QuickBooks

by Caren
(Elko, NV)

Has anyone out there used Church Windows accounting software for their accounting at their church?

We have had a lot of issues with CHURCH WINDOWS.

We are considering changing to QB Nonprofit and would appreciate any info anyone can share.

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Nov 23, 2016
Changing to QBO or Desktop QB
by: Vickey

I have not used Church Windows, so I cannot tell you how hard it would be to switch from that software to QuickBooks.

I personally love Quickbooks Online (QBO) and have set up multiple churches in it.

It works very well...if set up correctly!

It is a software primarily built for "for-profits" so even the Nonprofit edition you are referring to can be challenging for a non-accountant to set up and use.

I have had churches that pay me thousands of dollars to "clean up" QBs as it was set up wrong in the beginning.

SOOOO...if you decide to go that route...do at least one of the following:

1. Order and faithfully follow Lisa London's instructions in her How To books for QuickBooks. See more information on those books here: https://www.freechurchaccounting.com/QuickBooks.html

2. Or hire someone familiar with setting up QB or QBO for churches and can train you how to use it effectively. Please read more on my bookkeeping services here: https://www.freechurchaccounting.com/vickeysbookkeeping.html

Jun 25, 2019
Church Windows vs QuickBooks Premier Non Profit
by: Anonymous

we currently track church attendance and individual member donations in Church Windows, but am wondering if it is possible to track attendance in QuickBooks Premier Non Profits, I know you can track donations in this QuickBooks but am wondering about attendance. thanks in advance.

Feb 20, 2020
Tracking donations from Churchwindows to quickbooks
by: ted

Hi Everyone

Please let me know if it possible to export the donations accounts from ChurchWindows to QuickBooks?

If so please let me know how to do it?


Aug 08, 2023
Leaving CW for Quickbooks
by: Gustav

If anyone has any experience with this migration I would love some insight. CW doesn’t seem to be very helpful with any exporting of data and I am concerned about how this will work.

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If you want to DIY your payroll, I highly recommend you look at using Gusto! It is very user friendly and their support is awesome! Plus they know how to set up and maintain payrolls for churches and nonprofit organizations.

Note: I am a "partner" of Gusto, but as I have told you before ... I never recommend anything that we or our clients have not tried and love =)

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