Staff Raised Support

by Carolyn

I am the book keeper for our church and we have a staff member who raises his support through the year.

How can I create a paycheck for him in Quick Books online. I can do it in the desk top version but Online is not user friendly.


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Setup Payroll
by: Vickey

Are you asking how to print a paper check in QBO? If so, google it and you will find many "how to" articles and videos.

HOWEVER, if you are asking how to set up payroll in have to purchase one of their different levels of payroll services.

The full service is expensive and more often than not...their support does NOT know how to set up payroll for a church =(

If you know all the "rules" for a payroll for a church...I would recommend a cheaper payroll service such as Patriot...but be aware that even their "full service" is pretty well a DIY...but their support is awesome!

Also be aware that even if they are raising their own support, if you are paying them through the church you MUST follow and be responsible for all of the federal and state laws for payroll.

So if you are not comfortable with setting up and maintaining up a payroll for a church, it would save your church and yourself heartache down the road to hire an accounting firm such as my firm, Vickey's Bookkeeping Services" for either a consult or payroll services.

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