Small Church needs uncomplicated software

by Janet
(Stafford, VA, USA)

Help...We are a very small church with approximately 75 members on the church roll. We only have 2 paid positions, all others are volunteer. We currently use PowerChuch Plus, but this system is too complicated. We were not able to fully use the program, can only use it to track member contributions. We need a program that is user-friendly, to track revenue and expenditures and prepare monthly and year end statements. If you have any suggestions it would be helpful.

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Church Accounting
by: Ron

Best to discuss person to person email me at been involved with church accounting for a long time

Seeking a Church Program for a small church
by: Pastor Sheila Martinez

I had Church Office Helper and paid $75 for it 15 years ago and I loved it, they went out of business and the program will not run on the new windows 8.1. I do not want to use a web base program. Im old school. I was an Accountant for 30 years I don't feel comfortable with peoples information just out their on other peoples servers. Is there any other programs that can suit a small congregation with Income & Expenses, Individuals receipts, because I do wedding ceremonies and sell wedding items.

Uncomplicated Church Accounting Software
by: Vickey

Dear Janet, I apologize for just responding to your post. I found your unanswered post while searching for another post.

If your church is still looking for an uncomplicated user-friendly accounting software, I can recommend Aplos Software.

I am presenting it to my church board next week as a replacement for the accounting software we are currently using.

It is very easy to use, will efficiently track revenue and expenditures, easily prepare monthly and year end statements, and very affordable!

It's web-based so you can access it from anywhere.

It has a donor management component that will make contribution tracking a breeze and online giving a snap.

FreeChurchAccounting readers can get a 25% discount for 6 months simply by putting FCA in the promo code box.

See this page on this site for more information:

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