Signing Checks

by Nancy
(New Mexico)

We require 2 signatures on all checks written from either of our fund accounts. We have 5 people on the signature card at the bank.

Two of the signers are employees of the church, the secretary and the Minister of Education (also comptroller). I read in one of the articles on your web site that the secretary should not sign checks if she also counts the contributions.

Should this also pertain to the Minister of Education as he assists the secretary in counting the contributions?

Also, should the secretary and Minister of Education substain from signing their own payroll checks as well as any other check written to them for reimbursement of supplies, etc. purchased for the church?

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Check Signers Controls
by: Vickey

Sometimes an employee who counts the offerings has to also be a signer on the church checks...however...if that's the case...there should be at least 2 signatures on each check and one of them should not be a money counter.

I strongly recommend that they do not sign their own paychecks or reimbursement checks to maintain proper internal controls.

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