Setting up donors in Quickbooks

I've noticed where I can add contributors to our Church as customers in Quickbooks, but when I practice and add some receipts to see how it works, I am noticing these funds are dropping into an account called "Undeposited Funds".

I'm entering our weekly deposits separately so these funds sitting in the undeposited funds account seem to be throwing my numbers off.

What should I do? I'm at a loss on where to do on this. Thanks for your help!

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QuickBook Deposits
by: Vickey

When you use the “Enter Sales Receipts” window (I am assuming that is how you are recording the donations) QuickBooks “holds” that amount in a current asset account called Undeposited Funds until you can record a deposit.

You should deposit those “undeposited funds” along with the remaining “loose funds” to record the offerings. You will not enter a separate “weekly deposit”.

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