Selling My Church

by Timothy

Due to some unfortunate events and shrinking congregation we have decided to close the doors on our lovely little church after 17 years. I am a volunteer for the church, so I was asked to look into a couple things as we prepare to sell the property in the future. One of the items was our 501c3 status and how it relates to the selling of the church.

The church is in a little rough shape, and if we are getting ready to sell it in the next year or two, there is some things that need to be fixed up. Fortunately, and some of our old congregation members are willing to help out and fix the place, bless their souls. However, now that we are not moving to a new building and not holding regular worship, will we still be able to keep 501c3 status, or will our city and state begin to charge taxes at the beginning of next year?

I do not have alot of knowledge of our tax laws, so any advice would be helpful. Do you recommend reaching out to my local community with these questions too?

God Bless!

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