Returned Check

How should a small church handle returned checks?

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Jul 18, 2010
Returned Check Poloicy for a Church
by: Vickey

If the check is a tithe check:

  • Make a copy of the check for your records.
  • Reverse the check from the individual's tithe record.
  • Return the check with a letter of explanation.

If the check was for goods or services such as a fundraiser:

  • Make a copy of the check.
  • Send the copy of the check and a letter requesting another check.
  • Make a copy of the letter and attach the check to it for your records.

Jul 19, 2010
Bank Fees
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much Vickey this was helpful.
One more question...Do we ask them to pay the bank fees for the returned check??

Jul 19, 2010
Payment of Bank Fees on Returned Checks
by: Vickey

If it was a check for goods or services, I would definitely ask them to reimburse any bank fees the church may have incurred.

If it was a tithe check, I think it would depend on your church policy. My church’s bank does not charge us a fee on returned checks from others. The poor person whose check bounced gets hit with some hefty charges, but not the church.

Anyone have a policy on returned check fees?

Nov 09, 2011
Returned Checks
by: Anonymous

Is there a limit on how many checks one person have returned before their checks are no longer accepted. If so, what is the number and will they be allowed to continue after a period of time.

Mar 10, 2012
Returned Check - Bank fees
by: Anonymous

Depending on the bank you have, if you talk to the bank and explain the situation, sometimes the bank may be willing to waive the fee. Ours did in this situation.

Sep 26, 2014
Letter of Explanation
by: Anonymous

Would you be able to share a sample of the letter of explanation you send with the returned check? It would help to see something that has worked before before I type up something that sounds accidentally demeaning in any way. Thank you.

Jan 03, 2020
Bank Fee bounced check
by: DKO


Where do you bank? Our bank charges our church when a tithe check bounces.

Jan 08, 2020
Local Small Town Bank
by: Vickey


We banked at a little small town local bank at the time I wrote that post in 2010 and maybe they didn't charge us a fee because we had been their customer for so long.

I retired last year as Treasurer at my church and they have since moved to a new larger they are probably charge a fee when a deposited check has to be returned.

In that case, I would definitely ask the donor to reimburse the church for that bank charge =)

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