Reimbursement of Church Expenses

We received donations from church members for a reimbursement of a mission leader appreciation dinner. I do not know how this should be added to QBO!

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How to Account for Reimbursements in QBO
by: Vickey

All expenses should be entered into QBO and then there are a couple of ways to handle the "donations/reimbursements". The method depends on what you want to "show" on your Statement of Activity.

1) Assign the deposit(s) back to the expense account, but be aware that the expense account will only show the net.

2) Set up a triplet account. Create the "parent" account and 2 sub accounts under it. 1 for donations and the other for expenses. The net will roll up into the parent if you collapse it or you and expand it and show on your SOA how much was expensed and how much was "reimbursed".

Side note: If the members received goods or services (in this case a dinner) they cannot receive a regular cash donation receipt. See more in my ebook: Handling Donations in my Church Accounting Package. Click on "PACKAGES" in the top navigation bar and then CHURCH ACCOUNTING PACKAGE.

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