Recording church member cash gifts

by Paul Sykes
(Summerfield Florida)

We are in encountering a situation that we don’t have an answer for.

For an example. Our youth ministry has a budget for $1,000.

A couple then donates $1,000 to the ministry.

We have a sub bank account set up in Quickbooks for these cash gift for the youth.

But the problem comes when we write a check against the cash donation for say the $1,000 it exhausts both the cash sub account and also the budget.

How do we prevent this? Please give us some advice.

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Don't use Bank Sub Accounts =)
by: Vickey

I don't like using bank subaccounts to track designated and restricted funds =(

It makes it hard to reconcile and is not a good method of tracking funds...BUT ...

to answer your question =)

I would do a journal entry debiting the sub account for the $1000 "gift" and crediting the main account where the offering was probably recorded.

That way the balance shows 2k in that "ministry/fund".

Anyone else using this method that could chime in to help Paul?

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