Quicken Business vs. Quickbooks Pro for a church preschool

by Michelle
(State College, PA)

I've been our church's preschool bookkeeper for a year now. I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to bookkeeping. When I started they had been using Quicken Deluxe 2013, which is normally used for tracking personal finances.

The preschool uses an outside accounting firm for payroll. My main responsibilities are collecting tuition payments, receiving donations, paying bills, and submitting monthly financial reports to the preschool director and committee.

I went through the first year struggling to use this program and get it to do what I want. The preschool committee is not happy with the current version of Quicken either. So, I have been tasked with finding a better alternative. I know Quicken and QuickBooks are made by the same company so I would prefer to stay with one of these software options as it will make the transition easier. Can you give me your opinion on Quicken Business vs. QuickBooks Pro and what you think might be the best option for me? Thank you.

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Quicken Business vs. Quickbooks Pro for a church preschool
by: Anonymous - MN

I used an old version of Quicken for many years and found it to provide all the function that a Church budget of apx $650,000 required to track income and expenses, and provide reports that our Board could follow. I also used Quicken Online Payroll and found it to provide all the function and support needed to pay, report, pay taxes and provide IRS forms at the end of the year.

As Intuit 'improved' things I found that switching to Quickbooks Online provided me the function I was looking for, all data in the cloud and the ability to run payroll and track all income expenses no matter where I might be.

I don't care for Quickbooks, would prefer the simplicity of Quicken but on online version is not available. I would recommend looking into Quickbooks online and include the Payroll funtion. All payroll info goes directly into QBO, tax payment are handled electronically and all IRS forms are provided at year end.

Quickbooks Pro
by: MarcusNTexas

When I "inherited" the job of church treasurer in March 2010, the previous two treasurers had been using Quickbooks since 1999. I installed the software onto my personal computer and have been using it since, having upgraded in 2013 and to QB Pro Plus 2015 this year.

Our budget is in excess of $500K and we have five employees---three full-time and two part-time. When I took the job in 2010 I purchased "Quickbook for Dummies" from Amazon.com in 2010 then again in 2013 and 2015, so I recommend those books as important teaching aids/tools.

I produce 40 - 50 checks each month and provide bi-monthly overview reports for our church Business Meetings. While my time is "free", the QB service is costing the church $300 - $400 per year, including the monthly payroll services fee, but when the end of the year comes and it is time to prepare W-2s and 1099, there is no easier way to do it. I recommend Quickbooks, without reservation...............

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