by Mary
(Clarence, NY, USA )

How much instruction and examples does this program provide for setting up the churches records in quick books? If I choose to purchase this and quick books is that all I will need to replace quicken and excel workbooks?

Vickey's Reply

Yes, QuickBooks would replace Quicken and your Excel workbooks. It is double entry accounting, so it would also keep track of your assets and liabilities.

However, my fund accounting ebook just has a couple of ways to set up QuickBooks. It does not explain the step by step process of setting it up and managing a nonprofit in QuickBooks. That would take a whole book:-)

I can recommend a pretty good book for running QuickBooks for a nonprofit. It is Running QuickBooks in Nonprofits: The Only Comprehensive Guide for Nonprofits Using QuickBooks. It gets kind of deep in some accounting terminology and talks a lot about setting up QuickBooks for grants, but overall it is a helpful book for running QuickBooks for a church.

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