Quickbooks Online

by Robert Gross
(Pottstown, PA )

Two of the issues with any software is where it resides, and how many people can use it.

We started using Quickbooks Online (QBO) about 8 years ago.

You can start with a for-profit or non-profit setup. It's cheaper than buying software and allows for multiple users, from any internet accessible location.

In addition to being accessible via an internet browser, it also has full-featured apps for Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices.

Since it is all on-line, it eliminates the need for computer hw/sw/security management and for backups. It also provides electronic access to your checking, etc. accounts.

The non-profit setup is designed for fund accounting, although you and do cash accounting as well. For added cost there is a payroll package and some other extra features.

You can provide reporting-only access, various levels of access control, and full access to your accountant.

We are quite satisfied with it - we have definite issues, but not with the accounting package.

Christ Episcopal Church
Pottstown, PA

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