Quickbooks for Churches and NonProfits

by Tom
(Geographical Center of North America - Rugby, ND, USA)

I'm curious about using the Quickbooks setup with equity accounts. I have a number of funds - church, school, capital campaign, youth group - for starters.

Church, capital campaign, and youth group use the same checkbook, school has separate one. I want to track church and school by income and expense categories - payroll, utilities, donations, investment income. I want to track captial campaign income by categories, but expenses by project - roof, carpeting.

Youth group income and expenses both get tracked by project.

I don't understand the relationship between the cash, equity, income, and expense accounts as outlined in your "Fund Accounting" publication.

Is it possible to use Quickbooks in this way, or am I simply asking to much of a non-fund-accounting package?

I love the Quickbooks reports, data entry process, and drill down ability, but the COA just doesn't seem a good fit. Is Quickbooks Non-Profit any more fund-accounting friendly?

Thanks for your help.

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equity update on balance sheets with Quick Books
by: Ann

I hope any question I need an answer for is considered okay :) to post here.
on Quick Books, on the balance sheet, I know QB updates retained earnings BUT do I make equity adjustments manually??? so starting the balance for new year is correct??
Thanks so much for your help

Quickbooks Accounting Software
by: Vickey

QuickBooks accounting software capabilities are numerous, but it is still generic accounting software.

Its fund accounting capabilities are limited. However, I believe you could set it up to do most of what you asking.

A good reference to have is Lisa London's book: QuickBooks for Churches. See the bottom of my QuickBooks page for more details. FreeChurchAccounting readers can use the discount code "FCA" for a 10 percent discount on all of Lisa's products.

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