quickbooks 2011 non profit

by Pam

Has anyone used this version? I am taking over for a very small church accounting. I want something fast and simple as I work about 50 hours a week at my regular job. We have a very small income and budget. Is this the best way to go?

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Hosting QuickBooks
by: Bill OConnell


The issue you cite is more the hosting environment, than the software. In the QB world there are three choices.
1. Host on a local machine, which is the point of your discussion. It has risks.
2. Host in a "hosted environment". This is a "server farm" that you access through the internet. We use RightNetworks. They house the software and provide a secure experience that feels like you are working locally. This costs $50 per month. You can "rent" QB there for $5 per month and never have to buy an upgrade again.
3. Host in the cloud with QuickBooks Online. They have upgraded this product substantially and your files will now covert into Online. It costs $29 per month. The interfaces are different, but almost all the functionality is the same.

Quickbooks Non-Profit
by: Johnnie

I have been trying to effectively use version 8 through 11. As long as you constantly keep eveything up-to-date you should have few problems, but if you should have a hard drive crash or purchase a new computer, it becomes a true headache. Transferring the "Company" has driven us to start looking for a simpler solution. Calling for help is very expensive and time consuming, because the service people are thinking "for-profit" and not "non-proft".

Take the plunge now
by: Pam

QB is the optimal solution for church accounting.

See www.wisdomoverwealth.com

Tracking contributions
by: Bill OConnell

QB's donor tracking is inelegant.

In my experience, it is satisfactory for the job - but it is the weakest element of using QB in a church environment.

On the other hand, the remainder of QB's features more than offset the "dislike" or pain we all feel about it's inelegant donor tracking.

tracking contributions
by: Anonymous

I dont like the tracking module for church contributions.

QuickBooks is the Optimal Software for Most Churches
by: Bill OConnell

I am told by the CMS vendors that QB is used by 70% of the churches in the US. So congratulations on a wise choice.

QB Pro is adequate. Buying the non-profit version gains little in the long run.

Please take a look at the short video on www.wisdomoverwealth.com for the functionality that is [buried] within QB. My practice helps ministries inexpensively unlock the power that Intuit has built into [and then masked] QB.

Quckbooks 2011
by: Lorna

I have been using 2008 version pro & Premier, but just upgrade to 2011, I cannot tell if there is a difference or not. Because i use it often. I do know that it is widely used in many non for profit [church] espcially smaller ones.

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