QB vs other church software

My co worker wants us to purchase Power Church software and use it for everything, including AP and payroll. I'm "green" so how does PC compare to QB?

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by: Anonymous

Great words of wisdom, Ken. Thanks for your input.

QB vs other church software
by: Ken

I have recently made the transition from using Quicken for 20 years to track the Church finances to QBO. I had also been using Intuit Online Payroll (IOP) for 5 years until July 1st and transitioned to QBO Payroll so that it was all tied together. Now both the check register and payroll are available to me no matter where I might be.

I am not an accountant by any means, so the transition to QBO has been quite a change for me. The QBO Payroll is identical to IOP. I have look at other Payroll programs and Intuit seems to be less expensive and more flexible than any that I have looked at.

I have not had access to software your are being recommend to move to, but I would hesitate moving from Intuit for a number of reason:
- changing is a lot of work and don't do it unless there is specific need to do so;
- service from Intuit has been superb and I have used it a lot
- both QBO & QBO Payroll provide much more function than any Church would ever need;
- I have found the price to be very competitive and the Payroll cheaper than any other service that I have looked into and spoken with;
- the availability of QBO 8 QBO Payroll on the Cloud is extremely valuable and the biggest time saver you will ever find.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you Sandi,

Does anyone use or have working knowledge about the Power Church software and it's payroll and accounts payable applications?

by: Sandi

I have only used QB's for the church, from what I understand, the reason it is preferred by organizations is because of the "audit" feature.

In my home I have used Quicken (over 15 years now), and love it, Quick Books is not user friendly in my mind but...

I can see why QB's is popular, having a trail to see exactly who did what and when is a great feature.

sadly. too many churches have had theft....


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