Prayer / Testimonie

by Rita Sanders
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

God be with you and your husband Kevin, Vickie through this tough time, this is just another hurdle for you to climb using your faith, God is the greatest. My prayers are with you both. I climbed a hurdle in 1987 with the help of God. He took me by the hand and lead me through a brain surgery when the doctors wasn't sure of what they were dealing with, I had several holes in my brain leaking fluid through my noise,this was a rare case for them in an adult, also at the same time I had cancer on my kidney. Yes it was a bad situation but I prayed my family,church,and friends prayed and I gave it to the Lord, my fear subsided and I became calm and peaceful, I knew it was the spirit of God with me and it was in his hands. I thanked him for all that he had done right then because I knew he does no wrong and what ever he had in his plan for me I was able to accept, he had the doctors hand and I was o.k. with that, I had one surgery after the other and was healed from all cancer, and thought all brain illness. A year to that date of the brain surgery my fluid came back and they wanted to put a shunt in my back. I prayed over it and put it in the Lords hands once again. It was told to me not to get the shunt, I didn't know at the time just who told it to me, it just came so plan in my mind,I got meningitis it's a bacterial desises which most people don't make it through. I got it three times throughout the years. and God saw me through it. In 2007 the doctors told me I had seven wholes in my brain now, and there was nothing ealse they could do, no surgery could help. I did not give up instead once again I put it in the hands of my God and left it there, since 2008 I have had no leaking and very few headaces. My God took away what the doctors couldn't. He is my everything, I have given my life over to him compleatly and I know he can do what he said he will do for us all, If we just praise him and ask him.His will be done. I hope this will help you in your faith and trust that through Jesus your prayers will be answered.Rita Sanders

Vickey's Reply

Thank you so much Rita. When I first received the news that my husband had colon cancer and it had spread to his liver, I was so scared.

The doctor told me his colon was 100% blocked off and his liver was full of tumors...didn't give me much hope. I couldn't even see Jesus...just this red haze of fear. But my family and pastor was with me and after MUCH prayer. I started feeling his blessed peace and assurance that everything was going to be okay...because he love us and would never leave or forsake us.

See the rest of Kevin's updates here.

Your Sister in Christ,


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