Power Church Plus software

by Eula Holland
(Walhalla, SC USA)

Power Church Plus Review and Questions

Power Church Plus Review and Questions

A number of churches in our association use Power Church Plus software. It is wonderful for accounting, contributions, etc. It also has a wonderful module to keep your membership current. It is user friendly and cost arount $400 originally.

Vickey's reply:

Thank you, Eula. User-friendly is a big plus in my books:-)

If you use Power Church Plus in your church, could you take a moment and click on the comment link below and tell your thoughts on this church accounting software? Thanks!

Comments for Power Church Plus software

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by: Anonymous

I have been using power church plus for 3 years and I like it .Have a question how do you delete a contribution after it is posted?

Love the product
by: Anonymous

Is there anyone that is available to give training at a reason price in the Jackson, MS area.

Also, is there a way to keep all twelve months open?

is there a way to zero the software at the end of the year to start out with the balance from your last statement and all the reports be correct?

by: Anonymous

How do you get all contributions to add to your church checking account?

Love Power Church
by: Anonymous

I love Power Church! It is very user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone. We have tried numerous products and Power Church is by far the most user friendly while still remaining cost effective. I would be happy to help anyone that is having issues. My email is (editor: removed email address to avoid you getting attacked by spammers:)

[Vickey's reply]: Thank you very much for your offer to help others having issues. Readers: please post your questions to this post and the nice person who wrote this post and others can hopefully help you and others using PowerChurch Plus.

by: Anonymous

its nice to know there is that amazing software that will help not only the Pastor but also the church staff in determining the contacts, the attendance, the scheduling and other related task, that lessen the burden of the Pastor and staff, by having this software it will make them focus in winning souls for Christ and helping those who are in need spiritually.

Very Pleased with PC+
by: Anonymous

WE have used Power Church Plus for over ten years now. We started with version 7 and now are using version 10.4

We decided not to upgrade to version 11 as we didn't feel enough was in the upgrade to go to version 11.

We highly recommend Power Church Plus.

Not impressed with Power Church
by: Paula

Not at all impressed with Power Church. It is a complicated program if you do not have a pretty extensive working knowledge of accounting.

We have a small church with roughly 250 members.

This was WAY more than we needed. Too hard to try and train someone on. I don't recommed it at all.

Multiple fund contributions from one check
by: Don R. Helpa

Don't know if this software has been added already or not but am hoping that a modification has been made to the application which allows one check to enter contributions into more than one fund. I am currently running Power Church Plus 11.1 software.

Contribution transferring to fund accounting
by: Anonymous

I am having problems with my contributions posting to funds accounting. On the contribution side, I have posed the contributions. On the accounting side, I posted transactions, but none of the cotributions are showing in funds accounting. How do I show the deposit for contribution to show in fund accounting. Need help

Help please
by: PJM

We had a working month of Nov. 2014 and entered contributions and cheques for Oct., Nov. Dec. 2014, Jan. & Feb. 2015. It looks like everthing ended up in Nov. 2014. How do I fix this so I can put the proper stuff in each month?


How to use the software
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where I can get a manual from?
How do you label visitors?

Power Church Plus software
by: Anonymous

Our church likes Power Church Plus. It is so easy to use. We have been using the contribution module for a while, we are now getting ready to use the Fund accounting module.

Help - Need help on attendance
by: Anonymous

I am new to Power Church Plus. I am trying to keep simple attendance records for Sunday services. Can someone please tell me how, I have read the manual and just don't know what to do. Thanks!!

by: Laurie

I have a three church parish and up till now, parishioners are kept in three different copies of PowerChurch. I want to consolidate them in one Database, but I have to know once they are in there, which of the three churches they attend.

Since PowerChurch has an AutoNumber system for Envelopes, is it possible to put an initial for each of the three Churches, [i.e. St. George "G", St. Joseph (J), St. Stanislaus (S)] so that the contribution envelopes are printed to discern between the three churches?

Extracting Data
by: Anonymous

Our Church has been using the software for over 5 years and a need has come about of which we would like to unload/extract the data into a spreadsheet workable file.

Thus, can I extract the data and create a comma delimited file? If so how does one do such?

Thanks goes to whomever can answer this question.

I am sold on Power Church software
by: Anonymous

I have used Power Church for over 15 years, and find it to be an excellent program for management of church records. It may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-priced software, but it handles all the basics for keeping up with membership, accounting and contributions, in addition to other record-keeping functions.

The initial investment is very reasonable (around $400, I think), and the technical support is also reasonably priced - although I have not found it necessary to pay for tech support since the first year.

It is a very user-friendly program, and I can find answers to most of my questions on the online forum. We use the program on our network of 12 computers, and are very happy with it.

by: Anonymous

We have the Power Church Plus software at our church and we are trying to find someone that might be able to come to our church to train us on the use of it for a donation. Do you know anyone that might be able to come and do that? We are a small congregation and are really interested in the usage of the software since it was purchased.

Difficult To Edit..
by: Anonymous

Been using Power Church Plus and find it rather difficult, if an error is made to correct. Also had a problem with posting and closing issues. When you are working in one month and would like to keep up to speed on tithing entries, it tends to add the next month into the previous months posting.
Not good for the quarterly reports.

Excellent Program for any size church
by: Anonymous

I do accounting work for several churches and non-profit organizations. PowerChurch is an excellent program for any size of church. There are even newly available add-on for "signing in" for attendance and children safety (with medical information warnings). I highly recommend the program.

Keeping entries from
by: Anonymous

When you post, in the later revisions of PowerChurch, there is an advance option to the right in the dialog box. Enter the advance option and select the exact date(s) you wish to post. This should keep your entries separated (not merging as mentioned).

Entering contributions
by: Anonymous

question concerning entering contributions please:
If our unposted contributions are not posted one week we have problems with entering contributions for next week - they seem to merge - any comments would be appreciated. Thanks much.

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