Posting Goods on Contribution Record

by Sandy

I have a member who has donated material to the church for repairs. Rather than a letter acknowledging this gift, he has given me copies of the receipts and asked that it be recorded to his contribution record. Can I do that? And if so, can I include the tax he paid for these items?

I can see this becoming an issue as our VBS rolls around and much, if not all, of the materials will need to be donated.

The database I am using for contributions (PowerChurch) offers me a choice of cash, check, envelope and online... which makes me think that donations of goods should not be included, but my member insists that "his church up north" does that for him.

You've created a wonderful site! I really appreciated the tons of information!

Thank you!

vickey's reply

You can issue him a non-cash contribution receipt for the donated materials; however, do not put a value on the receipt.

The donor is responsible for establishing the value of the donated item(s).

Thanks for the nice compliment on my site!

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