paying for yardwork

Church is approached by individual needing some money (family in need) but willing to work for it, they offer to do some yard work at church for $50.00. Can church write check to individual for yardwork? If so, how is it documented?
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Paying for yard work
by: Anonymous in NC

Paying for yard work would be documented the same way you document other expenses of the church. Our church attaches a copy of the check to an invoice or in this case it might be a memo or note of some kind signed by the treasurer or whomever normally approves purchasing or expenses. We use a line item budget system; so in conjunction with the same authorizing people in the church, we would need to find a line item in our budget to charge it to when journalizing and posting the payment (example: maintenance expense, benevolence, or other miscellaneous item). Hope this helps.

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