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Pay for a custodian on disability

by Stephanie Hardy
(Hobbs, NM)

We have recently done a financial overall in our church. I have been appointed to our financial committee and we have run into a difficult situation.

Our custodian is an elderly lady on social security and disability. She is paid $100.00 weekly and provided a parsonage apartment including utilities.

My question is how to continue paying her legally without jeopardizing her benefits. Is there a way to provide for her without doing it against any laws? I would greatly appreciate your input on this matter, as we are new to this process.

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Comments for Pay for a custodian on disability

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Mar 17, 2011
Disablity Benefits
by: Vickey

I do not personally know of any way.

You may want to speak to a tax professional.

If she receives Social Security and not SSI, I think she can make a certain amount each year and it will not affect her benefits.

I am not sure how the rent-free parsonage would come into play with her disability benefits. She would need to speak to her case worker regarding that issue.

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