Pastor's Tithes

Question regarding Pastor's tithes.

Our church of course has a pastor, however, my pastor has a pastoral covering to whom our church pays tithes off our collections. When my pastor pays her tithes, how should they be applied?

Should they go in with everyone else in our church or should they go directly to her own pastor?


I am not familiar with how that is handled. Maybe one of my readers will chime in here and explain how their pastor's tithes are handled when sent to another pastor.

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Aug 06, 2009
What a pastoral covering is
by: Anonymous

A pastoral covering is my pastor's pastor. He "covers" or pastors my pastor.

Jan 30, 2010
Pastor's Tithes
by: Chuck

Actually from the content of the question, technically the tithes to the spiritual covering is a charitable gifting to another non-profit entity. We do the same thing, and track it in Quick Books as charitable giving.

If the church is paying the gift, it has no bearing on your pastor's income, and surely should not be deducted by him.

If he is paying the gift, to keep things clean, it should be paid from his personal funds.

Dec 31, 2011
Pastor paying his Tithes
by: Anonymous

Pastor tithing paying is handeled the same as church people or members paying their tithes and that is sch A deductions under charity

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