Pastor's pay

by Faye

Our deacon board recommended to drop from three services a week to two based on attendance. Our members agreed to this. Now the question has come up "should our pastor continue to receive full pay"? There is nothing in past minutes regarding this.


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Dec 13, 2013
Pastor's Pay
by: MarcusNTexas

This is strictly a decision that the deacons and the members of the church must decide. Since a pastor's responsibilities include more then just preaching, it seems to me that going from 3 services to 2 might allow the pastor to increase the work he does in other areas of his job. Cutting the pastor's salary should be seen as a last resort, in my opinion, especially if your church wants to keep this pastor.

Dec 13, 2013
pastor pay
by: Sandi

(my opinion)I agree, it is totally up to the board, and cutting pastor pay should be last resort.
If funds are getting tight look at benefit reduction before reducing salary.
Pastors can claim deductions on their own. I am not talking housing as that is part of salary.
I'm talking reducing or eliminating reimbursements for conferences, education, and travel to name a few...
If the church isn't having issues with funds, doing one less service a week should not be cause for pay-cut unless they had received pay increase for adding the 3rd service to begin with...

hope this helps

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