Pastor Supplemental Salary Fund

by Jeffery Steelman
(Newton, NC)

Our current pastor is part time (roughly 50%-salary $27,000) and teaches school to help ends meet.

We recently received a large stock distribution that our congregation voted to set aside in a special fund to increase the pastor’s salary to move it toward full time over the next three years.

It will only cover about one-third of the requirements needed (about $6000/yr); however, several members have asked if they can donate to the fund to help make him full time.

The fund will be identified as Pastor Supplemental Salary Fund and will be at the discretion of the Resource Team.

Will donations by individual members be tax deductible?

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Pastor Suppl. Salary Fund
by: Anonymous

Any and all donations made from a member of the church, or even from anyone outside of the church, at tax deductible. They should receive a statement at the end of the year with all donations listed - whether they be tithes, offerings, special offerings, or even work performed that they were not paid for.. should be specified on the statement.

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