Paid Payroll Tax but did not file W-3 HELP!

by Christie
(Highlands, TX)

I help at a fairly small church and they have been paying their payroll taxes online monthly for years as well as sending in their 941's quarterly.

The problem is they were not aware that they needed to send in a W-3 with their W-2's every year and now they have accumulated almost $12,000 in taxes, fees and fines.

I understand the proper forms were not filled out, but the money was paid faithfully every month. The IRS has their money just not the end of year W-3 to go with it.

It went on for 4 years or more before anyone was notified about it. They have been getting all their W-3's together and sending them in but are still told they have to pay the full amount as if they had never paid any of the taxes to begin with.
We are at a loss for what to do.

Any help would be appreciated!!

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You need Professional ahelp
by: Bill OConnell

A CPA is needed here. They have access to the IRS and with a limited Power of Attorney can discuss the matter directly with an IRS agent.

Depending upon where this is in the process, simply having a CPA call them will be regarded as a demonstration of good faith, and can introduce a 30 day moritorium in any collection action.

Wisdom Over Wealth has done many resolutions of problems like this one. Please call me at 617-921-9321 to get started.

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