by Faye
(Twiggs County)

We have a small church.Our current copier is a Cannon and was bought years ago when we had a larger need for a lot of copies. It is now on its last legs. We generally use it to make copies of the bulletins, reports & things for the SS classes. We do not need fax or it to hook up to a computer. Any suggestions on a copier without all the fancies? We do not want to go into debt & have regular monthly payments on one.

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desktop printer
by: Chad

If you are just making short run copies like 10 or 20 at a time, a good desktop printer should do the trick. They are fairly inexpensive now a days. You should be able to pick one up for less than $100.

Make an Offer
by: Anonymous

I would suggest that you make an offer to your Cannon rep... to lease or purchase outright one of the still viable older models that his company may be turning over with another client. Contact competitors in the area (Ricoh, Konica, Xerox, etc) and ask if they have any refurbished or almost new older models in their warehouses and how much they would run in order to establish a comparison.
Then, compare the best 2 prices you get with the cost of using an outside copy provider such as an office supply store or Kinkos or similar.
Then, before you decide, you may find that purchasing a higher end model of printer/copier with a several year warranty off the shelf of a big box store is the best bet yet.

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