New Church - New full suite software

by Marge Manley
(Lethbridge, Alberta)

We are forming a new chuch and need to select a software package that will provide as much as possible in one package. Any suggestions. We have 200 members so far and I have volunteered to do the bookkeeping. I have experience in bookkeeping but I don't want this to turn into a full time job since I already have one. Your advise would be appreciated.

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Mar 16, 2015
by: Lynda

I would recommend that you use Quickbooks and connect with the resources that are on this website. I have also used Lisa London's books. I I found that it was well worth the time that it took to set Quickbooks up correctly. Saved me much time later on.
Good luck.
In him,

Mar 17, 2015
Aplos is Another Option
by: Vickey

I agree with Lynda. Either Desktop or Online Quickbooks can be a good option for the size of your church.
The only drawback is the "for-profit" terminology. However, if the file is set up correctly, QB can be an excellent accounting software for a church.

Lisa London's book "QuickBook for Churches" is a must if you go that route. See more details about her book at the bottom of my article on this page:

or just click on "QuickBooks" ...under the heading "Software" in the left column of this site.

Another option might be an accounting software called Aplos that is specially for churches. It has a donation module that you can enter contributions in and then they are automatically rolled into the accounting module. You can also save 25% for 6 months with the discount code "fca". See more details on this software on this page:

or just click on "Aplos" ...under the heading "Software" in the left column of this site.

Whichever accounting software you choose I would use the bank integration feature. Importing all of your bank transactions in and then assigning the correct account is a real time saver:)

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If you want to DIY your payroll, I highly recommend you look at using Gusto! It is very user friendly and their support is awesome! Plus they know how to set up and maintain payrolls for churches and nonprofit organizations.

Note: I am a "partner" of Gusto, but as I have told you before ... I never recommend anything that we or our clients have not tried and love =)

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