Money Counts

by Harry Purdum
(Stockton, Kansas, USA)

Is the program 'Money Counts' still available?
What is the latest version?
Do you have any reviews or comments regarding its use?

Comments for Money Counts

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Alternative to Money Counts
by: Liz G

I liked Money Counts very much for church treasury and was sad when it wasn't available any more and stopped working with my version of Windows.

Just wanted to offer an alternative: FlockBase, which you can purchase, rather than lease monthly. It handles fund accounting very well and generates nice reports.

The software is designed to handle recording of individual giving, but i use it just for accounting purposes.

Printing checks
by: Pat

Everything was fine until my printer stopped working. I can print reports to different printers but every time I try to print checks it immediately says it cannot find "S.DRV". Any ideas what that means or how to make it work?

Problem with DOX.DRV
by: Anonymous

I have MCW 9 and changed printers (HP 1200 Series). I am using a XP machine. I can print reports from MC fine but cannot set up checks like I used to as I am given the message "Cannot find DOX.DRV). Any ideas?

For the love of the real world
by: Anonymous

This is just a reminder, computers are no replacement for a good on paper journal and ledger. Person's Money Counts was the best accounting software there has ever been and then the corporate monster got a hold of it.

Repairing corrupt data
by: Lexwoods

I've used Moneycounts for 25 years and it worked well for me even in Windows 10. However, last year some accounts have been corrupted so I could not Archive transactions. Eventually, I had memory problems and have abandoned Moneycounts. Is there a data repair routine out there to resolve data corruption? Who owns the rights to the software? Could the program be upgraded to Windows 10?

Running in Windows 7/10 32bit
by: Anonymous

If you are using Money Counts 9 make sure you are running the mcwin.exe in COMPATIBILITY Mode and select Windows XP 32 for the compatiblity mode. That worked fine for me in both Windows 7 and 10 32bit versions.

moneycount 9.0
by: veronica

I have moneycount 9.0 you can email me at and I will give you the software

Veronica Avery

My money counts won't run on Win 10 32bit
by: Norris

When I attempt to run MCWIN.EXE on windows 10 32bit OS, I get the following:
PTMCWINoe caused a general protection fault in module rdm330.DLL at 0059:0075 and must close. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Money counts works fine on 32BIT Windows
by: Anonymous

Someone mentioned that you have to have a 32BIT processor...It doesn't have anything to do with the processor...It is the OPERATING SYSTEM that needs to be 32bit...Simply install Windows 7 or Windows 10 but make sure it's the 32BIT version.

Microsoft tries to shove everyone on to the 64Bit version but most people do not need a 64Bit OS. 64Bit OS advantage is really only useful to run more than 4GB of RAM or a Hard Disk that is contiguous larger than 2.5TB.

Primarily the only people that need vast amounts of RAM or Huge Hard Drives are "gamers".

Even if you need a large hard drive larger than 2.5TB you can simply partition the drive into multiple partitions/drive letters.

MONEY COUNTS 9.0D works fine on Windows 10 32BIT version. (I have it installed on FIVE of my NINE Windows 10 32Bit computers. And it worked fine on Windows 7 32BIT before that. You should run it in compatibility mode as well (I use XP SP2).

So for anybody who thinks Money Counts 9 cannot run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 you are WRONG!

You simply need to install the 32bit version of Windows.

Now someone mentioned running it in a virtual machine. That also may work but for the average user that is beyond their technical abilities. The easiest thing to do is just use 32BIT WINDOWS.

I am still using MoneyCounts 9 under Windows 10!
by: Dale

I am still running MoneyCounts 9 with Windows 10, and I have been using the Compatibility Mode setting for Windows XP Service Pack 3.

From the main desktop, I right click the MC icon to get to the Properties settings. This is where I can make the program run in Compatibility Mode. I had to do this because there were problems using a USB thumb drive for backup and restoration. The XP Service Pack 3 setting fixed the problem.

What had happened before selecting this setting is that I would insert the USB thumb drive, and Windows was reading it ok, but when I launched MoneyCounts, this program absolutely could not find it.

Another issue which I am currently trying to understand is why MoneyCounts is failing to print the recipient's addresses on the checks. I've been going around in circles verifying that the address is correct, then I go back and forth between "copy to address book", copy from address book", and so forth.

Finally when I print the check, the Payee name is there, but not the address. It's a small issue, but I don't know how to deal with this. There is no way for me to use the Address Book program outside of MoneyCounts, even though the Help File tells me that I can. There is no way for me to install Address Book as a separate program because I do not have a disk to allow for this. All I have is the MoneyCounts 9 CD which I ordered through the mail from an aftermarket vendor.

I can be contacted by postal mail.
Dale Wein
Broadview Baptist Church
4505 Broadview Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

MoneyCounts problem....
by: Anonymous

I have used Money Counts since 2000 and it meets our church needs. But I have account line items attaching to the incorrect account. An example, I have VBS expenses displayed on the Sunday School report. I have deleted the VBS expense but it still shows on the Sunday School report. I have reprocessed the data to no avail. Suggestions will be helpful.

MCW 9.0
by: Nanylon

Has anyone figured out how to run MoneyCounts on a 64-bit OS?
Just curious.....

Running on 64-bit
by: Len

The key is to be able to run a 32-bit virtual window. I had to upgrade my Win7 laptop to Pro and was able to create a virtual window running XP OS. I can transfer files back and forth between the virtual computer and the main computer without any problem.

I use a program called, "Beyond Compare" by Scooter Software to easily compare the folders between the computers and sync. The main computer is the backup for the virtual computer, which I also back up using BC to a USB hard drive.

Just bought a new Win 10 Home 64-bit machine. Based on previous posts, it looks like the 64-bit is the problem, so I plan to find out from Microsoft how to create a 32-bit virtual window. I have a copy of Win7 32-bit to install into it if successful. Hopefully that will work.

I use MoneyCounts on Windows 10
by: Dale W.

I have been using MoneyCounts version 9 on Windows XP, Windows 7 and now on Windows 10. I don't know why other people have had problems, but on all of my computers, I only run the 32 bit versions of Windows. I had not had issues with MoneyCounts not installing. True, you might be forced to use the "compatibility mode" to run the EXE files, but only do that as a last resort. I can't remember having to do this.
Any concerns can be addressed to me, not by email, but by postal mail.
Dale Wein,
Broadview Baptist Church
4505 Broadview Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109.
I must do this to avoid problems with email spam.

money count 7.0 business
by: Anonymous

If anyone have moneycount 7.0 business I love it but lost the original email me at or any moneycount business or personal

Money Counts works with 32 bit OS
by: Anonymous

Parsons Money Counts works on Window 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 as long as you are running a 32 bit OS. I have a 64 bit processor and am running a 32 bit Windows 10 OS and it works fine. It also worked before I upgraded to Windows 10, running Windows 8.1 32 bit OS. The same applies to Parsons Quick Verse for Windows.

How to Run MC on WIN7
by: Pepper1

First your OS must be 32 Bit. Then copy the file named RDM330.dll to C:\Windows\Systems folder. The get into the MCW Folder and find the MCWIN.exe file. Right click on it. Then choose Compatibility Setting and set it to run in WIN XP Mode. Save your settings. It should run just fine. That's how I have mine set and I run the program with no issues. I'm currently working on a fix to run it on a 64 bit OS, but so far no luck. If anyone knows a trick, please post.

Found MoneyCounts 9.0 Installation online
by: Liz G.

After requesting an installation disk yesterday (Jan 17) on this forum, we were able to find a way to download installation software from the internet at

Anyone willing to lend/sell the MoneyCounts 9.0 install disk?
by: Liz G.

I have used MoneyCounts for years for our church accounting and love it. I would like to try to install it on Windows 7, but unfortunately I cannot find our original install disk.

I have the original manual and notes on how I set up our system, so if anyone is stuck with the program but no manual, perhaps we could work out a trade. Please respond to (email address taken out to avoid spammers- if someone responds...I will provide them with your email address to get in touch with you). Thank you!

MoneyCounts Help
by: PedleyDan

In response to Bob, if you can start the program, there is a help button at the right on the menu bar. It is a very thorough help that tells you everything about using the program.

Need Help with Money Counts 9.0
by: Pastor Bob

We use Money Counts 9.0 at our church. We took care of our donations and wrote checks to pay bills. Our accountant posted the checks from the bank statement and reconciled the books and sent them back to us on a flash drive. Well, he passed away and we don't know how to post the checks. Is there a booklet available that tells how Money Counts works so we can start doing it all? Need Help Bad!

Money Counts has seen its day
by: Steve S

I would forget about using MoneyCounts. I have used it for about 3 years, very successfully. However, the publisher dropped it a few years ago; I don't expect you can even buy it now. The last version (9) will only run on 32 bit processors (ie. XP, Wind 7 32bit, or Wind 7 Ultimate with Virtual XP added).
Its a shame, because I think its great. I am having to give it up because my new assistant does not have the required operating system. This problem will only grow in the future. We are switching to Aplos even though we will have to pay monthly. :(

Recommendation for accounting program...
by: MaryBeth

If anyone is looking for a great accounting program, check out Church Windows. I've been using it for years. They update regularly, have wonderful support. It costs more than MoneyCounts, but is well worth it. It has different modules you can buy so you get only what you need. Accounting (for paying bills & keeping your check book, fund balance, etc.), Membership (self explanitory) Donations (again, self explanitory, Scheduler ("") Payroll, and Accounts Receivable (mostly for church daycares, etc.). Easiest program to use once you learn it.

exporting money counts data
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know how to export data from money counts to either be able to use in excel or perhaps another accounting program such as Church Windows? Thanks.

Replacing my MONEY COUNTS software
by: Anonymous

A recent hard disk crash eliminated my PARSONS TECHNOLOGY" MONEY COUNTS software from my Windows 7 Premium computer = it was perfect for my personal accounting needs. Where can I find another free accounting software like MONEY COUNTS?

Is Compatible With Windows 7
by: College Student

Iam upgrading a church computer to Windows 7 Home Premium and MoneyCounts 9.0 IS compatible. The OS has to be a 32-bit not a 64-bit in order to make this program work.

Money Counts 0.8
by: Anonymous

I have had Parsons Technology Money Counts 0.8 for over 10 years for my home use, but recently the font has changed and the tool bar titles are very faint. Is there a way to restore the original display - I do not recall changing the default. Can someone help?

Money Counts 9.0
by: Anonymous

I keep an XP Computer just for running Money Counts on. I back up and use my Windows 7 Pro computer for my back up computer in the xp monde. Very Dependable program even with it's limits. I like the fact that it is a free standing program and not a subscription where you pay annually to use someone else's program.

by: Ethel Falcone

I set my password on MC9 for 2013 about a month ago and now cannot remember what it was. Is there any help for me? Would appreciate hearing from someone. Thanks!

Money counts 9
by: Anonymous

I have been using Money Counts programs for years. Two years ago our church went to Windows 7.
I tried to get Money Counts 9 in the Windows 7. It would not go. Finally using a professional, he installed a Virtual Machine and put ExP in the Windows 7 and then installed the Money counts within the ExP. I have had problems ever since (not with using the program) but with getting into it. I have spent as much as almost 6 hours one time to get into it and finally stopped trying. I just purchased the Non-Profit Quik Books and I can't use that. Our church Financial System is strickly Fund Balance. The advertising of Quik Books Non-Profit sounded real good. When I received it, the instructions told me that this program did not do anything with Fund Acct.s I am looking for something that does Fund Bookkeeping.

Money counts Version9
by: Anonymous

I have used Moneycounts on Windows 7 (32 bit versions) - the Archive function has not worked since Vista

Backup on Money Counts
by: Donna

I too have been working with Money Counts at our church because it is what is available. My problem is with the backup. I use the backup faithfully on the software. Due to an error on a fund account, I thought I would use the backup and start all over from that date. The backup is not working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Money Counts 9.0
by: Anonymous

I have been the church secretary for about 15 years. Money Counts 9.0 was already on the church computer and I have been using it. I was hoping there were updtes for this program, but reading in the forums I realize that this is not so. It is a good program.

Money Counts on Windows 7
by: A. Styles

I updated my Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional.

Windows 7 Professional allows you to download an "XP Windows Mode" for free. It creates a virtual desktop on your computer with the XP Operating System.

I've not only been able to use Money Counts 9.0 but have used many programs from XP that weren't compatible with Windows 7. Truely was a Godsend solution!

Not compatible with Windows7
by: Anonymous

I would give it more stars but it is not compatible with Windows7. Our medium size church has been using this software for producing monthly financial statements for 15 years.

We would upgrade to a MoneyCounts Windows7 compatible version if there was one but websites indicate that they are not likely to produce one. We are looking for a new software program.

MoneyCounts is reasonably priced (<$100) and easy to use. It does fund accounting but is not a true accounting system in that you can change entries without an audit trail.

You can run balance sheet, income statement, and account analysis reports. It will print checks and reconcile the bank accounts.

It can be installed on several computers and data transferred via diskette/flash drive from one computer to another.

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